We are driven by the desire to make a difference to the Quality of life of people who become our customers
We provide an elegant, peaceful and
enjoyable ride in and around Auckland.
Whether it’s a trip to the airport or a tour around Auckland or an important event, we will do our best to make your trip relaxing, memorable, and special.

Or anywhere you need us to go

Parties, Events, Concerts, Weddings, Weekend Retreat or Spa pools or tours

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Why Chauffeured Cars?

At Chauffeured Cars, we believe there is a very limited choice of LUXURY CARS in the Private Hire Service.

To address this market segment we have put in place the following mix of facilities to meet the needs of the discerning rider in Auckland.

  • The use of luxury cars. – Add a Touch of Class to your rides in Auckland
  • Use of private unmarked cars – Anonymity
  • Comfortable, Spacious, Clean, leather seats, soft music, well maintained new and near new cars. – Desirability to use our service.
  • Hand-picked Drivers, and use of GPS technology to track every ride – Safety.
  • Eco friendly Hybrid technology cars and very low emission rated cars make up our fleet.
  • Book a ride on your mobile device, 3 months in advance and pay only after the ride.

We hope you like our offer.

For Chauffeured Cars
Email: sales@ccnz.co.nz